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Think of it as your own personal trainer

Fitogen makes it easy for you to get fit by using your previous workout data to generate your future workouts.

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Use workout programs to take the guesswork out of working out

You don't have to do hours of research and break out a calculator before going to the gym, and you don't have to repeat the same workout over and over again as your progress levels off. Fitogen can generate your workouts for you. For resistance and weight training, Fitogen can even tell you how much to lift based on your previous workout data.

It's as simple as selecting a workout program. From there, you can access your workout information from your mobile phone or print it out and take it with you to the gym.

If the default workout programs don't suit your needs, you can customize them, have a friend share their own with you, or even create your own workout program.

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Track your workouts with ease

It's hard to make progress if you don't record your workout data. Fitogen streamlines this process with an easy-to-use workout logger with nearly 800 exercises.

Does the exercise you wanted to record not exist? It's easy to create your own custom exercises for personal use as well.

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Analyze your progress

Be certain your training regimen is having the desired impact. With Fitogen, you can get detailed information on your fitness history. Review personal bests and one rep maximum estimates broken down by exercise. Track changes in body size, body weight, body fat percentage, and see how these correlate with your workouts.

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